3 Rules of The Best Muay Thai Camp

Muay Thai Camp

The art of eight limbs is an ancient art of unarmed combat. Muay Thai has been around for hundreds of years, first emerging out of Thailand and has grown in popularity over the years. Muay Thai can now be practiced all over the globe and there is no shortage of Muay Thai Camps to choose from.

How to choose the best Muay Thai camp?

Cleanliness is one of the most important aspects of a Muay Thai camp. Ring Worm and Staph infection are common and serious infections that can easily be picked up in an unsanitary gym. Training camps are not free and the cleanliness of these facilities is a testament to the care and dedication they have for training and protecting the people that train there.

If the floors and equipment of these facilities are not mopped and wiped down on a regular basis they become breeding grounds for these types of dangers. If a fight camp is not clean and the equipment is old and decrepit this is usually a sign that the dues and fees a fighter pays are not getting reinvested back into the facility they are training in. This should raise a red flag in the mind of the fighter looking to join.

Coaches are the backbone for any reputable Muay Thai camp. The top camps have notable coaches spear heading the training on a regular basis. There should not be just one coach for all of the fighters. Historically Muay Thai gyms have one or two head coaches or trainers followed by a litany of secondary instructors, usually current experienced fighters or ex-fighters managing the more specific areas of the facility.

If a fighter were to walk into a prominent gym on a given day they should see a coach holding Thai pads working with one or two fighters in the ring, a coach instructing the clinch and grappling section, a coach monitoring the heavy bag work and a coach instructing the striking or fitness drills.

All Thai camps are different and size of the facility can play heavily on how many coaches are on the floor at any given time. Do not underestimate the importance of proper instruction; this plays a key factor in the success of the gym and their success to produce quality competitive fighters who potentially can fight in UFC and even movies.

Muay Thai CampTraining partners
Clean camps and good coaches will usually attract the right kind of training partners. If you are a seasoned fighter or a newcomer, good training partners are essential for fighter development. A valuable training partner is someone who is serious about training, serious about safety and serious about learning.

It is important when choosing a gym or training camp that can accommodate your specific needs. If you are serious amateur or professional looking to up the level of training and sparring, finding the gym with advanced fighters and sparring partners is key.

These may not be open to the general public and may require an invite to join. If you are new to Muay Thai training finding a local gym that has daily classes may be more conducive to an inexperienced Muay Thai practitioner. A large mix of fighters at different skill levels is always a beneficial environment for people entering into Muay Thai workouts. They have training partners on their level they can work with so as not to be overwhelmed at first but also there are skilled seasoned fighters they can observe and learn from.

A common mistake new fighters make is to research the best most competitive gym in their area and walk in on day one thinking they can work with conditioned fighters. Arrogance is a good way to become a punching bag.

Learning Muay Thai does not happen overnight, it takes many years of consistent practice and drilling. Starting slow and focusing on the basics will set a new fighter up for success down the road. This is a marathon not a sprint, one must be humble and eager to learn the art of Muay Thai.